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    We hope this July update also finds you safe and healthy. We are now out of over four month full lockdown. But still the government didn’t allow the people to go in and out of the valley as well as long distant transportation except their important works. As the lockdown opened, the number of cases […]Read More
  • JUNE Activity

    Welcome and Namaste from our old picture to NECO Update! We hope this updated newsletter finds you safe and healthy. We are now almost 100 days into our lockdown and still seems to be a long day. It seems to be in bad situations for the daily wages people. So in the last few weeks, […]Read More
  • COVID -19 Hunger Relief Distribution Package

    COVID -19 Hunger Relief Distribution Packages ReportIn Response to the Pandemic Coronavirus 2020 Crises, with the generous support of Mr. Cyrus Parvini and Mr. Gerald Babel Sutter, NECO Foundation organized “Hunger Relief Distribution Packages for needy families (COVID -19)”.This address to the most Vulnerable Destitute Pregnant, Handicapped, Senior Citizen, Students, Rented Poor Daily Basis Labor […]Read More
  • April 2020

    Namaste from Kathmandu! We hope you and your family are safe and well. We wanted to reach out and let you all know that our children are staying healthy and happily inside the NECO compound by doing different activities like playing, studying, drawing, cooking and so on (already known from previous newsletter), where this time […]Read More

    MARCH 2020 UPDATE Greetings from NECO! I hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy. As to update, we all NECO family as well as all the graduated students staying outside the NECO compound or staying abroad, are all staying safe and healthy As we know, this pandemic virus affects all over the […]Read More