Recent News and Updates

  • 2020 NECO Annual Summary

    Festival Celebration …. To undersrtand the rites and rituals and culture NECO Family used to celebrate every festival. Here’s the picture at the time of the great festival Dashain and Thihar. Gifts of the year… Credit / Debit / Pay Pal donations can now easily and securely be made: GIVE NOW Or Mail check or international […]Read More
  • Happy New Year 2021 from NECO Foundation, Nepal !!!

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS & HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021!!! From NECO, wishing you a happy holiday and a magnificent NEW YEAR. The New Year brings you peace, love, and prosperity.Also thank you so much for love, care and support to us and like to appreciate you are part of the NECO Family.“I for you and you forall.”Our […]Read More
  • Festival Update

    FESTIVALS CELEBRATION NOVEMBER UPDATE 4th December 2020. Namaste from Kathmandu, Nepal! Hope these monthly updates find you all staying healthy and happy! Recently, as do other Nepalese, NECO celebrated the two greatest festivals named ‘Dashain’ and ‘Tihar’ with joy. As past years, because of COVID, there’s not so much festive but in NECO we do […]Read More
  • September Update

    10th October 2020Namaste from Kathmandu Nepal!Hope we all stay Healthy and Happy! Beside these construction work, we have to spend our rearmost time with our auditor and we’re happy to finally be able to close off our previous financial year (which ended in mid -July but we could not get audited due to lockdown restrictions). […]Read More

    We hope this July update also finds you safe and healthy. We are now out of over four month full lockdown. But still the government didn’t allow the people to go in and out of the valley as well as long distant transportation except their important works. As the lockdown opened, the number of cases […]Read More