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    Prepared By: Ratan and Bibash ( 30th Jan 2020) Tourist Destination (popular) Kalinchowk. We ever thought our days turn to hilarious moment and memorable event. And we never thought to reach tourist destination (popular) Kalinchowk. Thanks and warm greetings to those who provides me with such a golden opportunities. And we really miss those places, […]Read More

    NECO'S KALINCHOWK TRIP 1 NIGHT AND 2 DAYS I may not be where I want to be but I am thankful for not being where I used to be.Read More
  • Annual Summary

    Happy HolidaysAnda magnificentNew Year ! During these #happyholidays you couldSend a young child to schoolFeed the hungryProvide shelter for homelessMake the cold winter warmer with warm clothes. Let the spirit of love gently fill ourheart and homes. In this loveliest of seasons may youfind many reasons for happiness. Best wishes for Happy Holidaysand a magnificent New Year. […]Read More
  • NEWSLETTER NOVEMBER 2019 Namaste and Welcome to our November update! This month we can called as Taekwondo month. We NECO staffs as well as all the students were totally engaged in managing the schedule for the taekwondo grading, taekwondo championship,   their school days as well as their daily activities. So as the result, they achieved […]Read More
  • Later On October

    fig: Sweet words from Kids for their sister. On 17th October, one of our young lady went to Bangalore for pursing her Bachelor degree in Nursing for 4 years. It’s the great day for NECO to send her to gain foreign education. It’s been thirteen years, she’s in NECO!! Also thanks to all our Supporters […]Read More