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  • Uncle Bill and Uncle Steve Visit – NECO 2022

    🙏🙏🙏It's been a long gap 😱😉!!! 🙏🙏🙏 Apologize for it.🥰🙏 Anyway, Namaste and Welcome Back to our NECO Update. This time, most of the stories are of uncles. Three months ago, Uncle Bill Garlington, Uncle Steve Scholl and Uncle Bishow were here with us. After a long wait, maybe more than two years (because of […]Read More
  • New Place – New Academic Session

    New Place - New Academic Session- Summer, Power Cuts ! WOW, how fast is the time running ? May - already, half of the year 2022 ! No update till these days ? Ye.. we're a little busy. We shifted to a new place, construction work not finalized yet, hot days- Power cut off. Power […]Read More
  • Chitwan Construction Update

    Namaste and Welcome to our Chitwan Construction Updates from Chitwan, Nepal ! As to update almost the building(Kitchen block and Office Block) going to finish except the main building (Residential Block). This time I want to update from the backyard of the building with the chickens, ducks and rabbit. We had more than 3-4 numbers […]Read More
  • neco-2021-annual-summary

    Hi, Namaste and Welcome Back to our Annual Summary of 2021, in "ISSUE THREE" ! This time we only focused on the pictures. We're proud to announce that these, six of the students recently graduated from +2 Level. Now they are preparing to enter a Bachelor Level in Science and Management Faculties in reputed universities. […]Read More

    REFRESHMENT OVER RARA LAKE We NECO FAMILY were very much excited to visit on of the renowned tourist destination; Rara lake from the very beginning i.e. around 9 months ago. It was one of the excitable plan that was made at that period of time. With excitement, we started our journey from home through packaged […]Read More