When you volunteer for NECO works programs, you have the opportunity to give your time to an orphanage abroad and build relationships with vulnerable children. Your efforts show and teach these children love and open their eyes to possibilities that the world offers. You'll help address their immediate needs, providing training opportunities, and helping them to a path for a brighter future.


The most important reason is that our children need your help. But for all your efforts, YOU’LL GET BACK so much more goodwill and blessings in return.


We have short term (1-2 months) and long term (3 to 6 months) volunteering positions available.

Short-term positions

We welcome credentialed teachers (ie. Art, English, Geography, Math), college students and graduates, or anyone with a simple desire to help. If you have good oral English skills, you can be of tremendous help to our children.

Long-term positions

Project manager: This position requires that you take a leadership role and supervise one of our ongoing projects. You can help us in every step of the project, from creation to management.

Networking and fundraising: We are in need of someone to help us create new contacts while maintaining a relationship with our existing partners. We can use your skills to help raise funds for basic needs (ie. rent, electricity, water, staff, etc.) or our new development projects.

Communication: This position asks that you assist with designs, mailings and promotion of events and projects. We could also use your talents to help us utilize and manage our website, social media, or any other source of media to spread the word about our cause.

Any and all volunteers are heartily welcomed. If you are interested, please contact us today, so we can help streamline the process for you!

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    Sama is a new volunteer from the United Arab Emirates. Although she only arrived a couple of days ago, our members treat her as one of us. She is very kind, joyful, optimistic and generous. We are very happy to have her become a part of our family.

    "NECO Home is the love of my life” - Sharon, 2010-2011


    "My experiencee with NECO was unforgettable!  Not only were the kids an absolute joy to be around, but Ama, Biplav, and John were very accommodating. Ama, a family member and caretaker at NECO, is the embodiment of warmth and motherliness and still remains dear to my heart. Continuing classes for the children is of the utmost importance, given the state the country is in. It was a very worthwhile endeavor. I love the kids so much, I wished I could stay longer. I can still hear them singing!"- Lauren Herrmann

    “Thank you for all that you do.” - Molly, 2010