Our Founder

Humanitarian – “Having concern for or helping to improve the welfare and happiness of others.

Bishow Bhatta, is one of the people behind NECO who infuses his genuine spirit into everything involved with helping Nepalese orphans. Bishow, currently resides in Sunnyvale, California with his wife and four children.

He drives a taxicab to earn a living and support his family, but donates up to half his income to help support NECO.

Why? Because in reality he gets back so much more than he gives.

Born in Nepal in 1975, he was greatly influenced by his grandfather at a young age to be an advocate for those less fortunate. His grandfather, an orphan himself, became the inspiration that would become the driving force behind NECO.

His vision behind it is simple: take in as many Nepalese orphans as possible; give them a safe and loving home; and, ultimately help them become educated, morally sound and self-reliant adults. Bishow knew at a young age that his calling in life would involve social work.

But his journey in creating NECO came at a time when he was starting a new chapter in his life; becoming a first time father himself. His compassion and love for his own kids made him realize then that he wanted to help raise orphaned Nepalese children with the same love and kindness alongside his own children.

A combination of his own hard work and the financial support of friends and family lead him to start up the orphanage home in 2006. Eight years later, NECO has expanded to house 34 children in separate dormitories with basic amenities.

What makes this orphanage home exceptionally unique is Bhatta’s intentions go far beyond providing human necessities for the children. His objective is to raise NECO children until they are eighteen or high school graduates and to help them along their path in becoming successful adults and leaders.

Although the path in maintaining NECO has been long and challenging, Bishow keeps a proactive and optimistic view on the impact he is creating in the lives of these children. And with that positive attitude behind him, he upholds the core lesson that his grandfather taught him; that a person facing adversity can be capable of great things.