Our On Site Team

Our NECO Home orphanage could not continue without the sacrifice of our support staff. A team of caring individuals who work tirelessly to maintain day-to-day operations and care of our children.

  Ramesh Bhatta, General Manager

After starting the orphanage in 2006, it finally grew to the point where we needed to hire a full time manager. No relation to the owner’s family, Mr. Ramesh Bhatta was hired to fulfill this need. Originally from Gorkha, Ramesh moved to Kathmandu to study where he study his Bachelor in Business Study (BBS) from NASA International College. Previous work experience in Kathmandu included being Assistant Accountant at a local savings and credit co-operative, Financial Assistant in a business association, and Managing Director of Scheme Academy. Memberships include Traditional Justice Resource Center, Secretary of the Conflict Victim Orphans Society Nepal.Mr. Bhatta, in addition to serving on the Board of Directors of Nepal Children Orphan Home, also serves as liaison to the children’s school.
His responsibilities as a general manager are organization include managing the daily activities, coordinating with the different stakeholders including the government agencies and supporting agencies, managing the accommodation, monitoring and mobilizing the staffs, care and education of children.

Samjhana Gurung, Operation Manager

samjhanaShe regards herself as a Social Worker. Professionally she is a Public Health Worker. She did many health diagnosis in Community and also did a research in gender based violence among pregnant women. 

Currently she is the Operations Director and Volunteer Coordinator in NECO Home. She is really dedicated, enthusiastic, self motivated and intelligent person.


Bhim Devi Phagami Magar

Ms. Bhim Devi Phagami Magar, very energetic and young lady of age 30, from the remotest part of the hilly region of Nepal. She got married at the age of 20 and gave two sons but after 10 years of married, her husband died in the landslides while doing the job of driver in dozer in construction of the road. At the age of 30, she is helpless but she is serious about how to educate her son and deal with economic hardship of the family. One of the sons is supported by maternal uncles to enroll him in a school out of sheer sense of responsibility rather than they were able to afford it. At this time, she has no options except continue to do what traditional agricultural work in the remote village. Yet, she is looking forward to struggle hard to learn some skills, which would enable her to stand on her own feet in the upcoming days. So she came to know here and started to do work.

Ram Mohan Chaudhary, Security Guard and Gardener

Ram Mohan Chaudhary is of forty one years old, from very remote area of Kailali district from the Terai belt of Nepal. He is very energetic, mature, and trustworthy having multiple knowledge of gardening, housekeeping and many more.

Although he has no experience in job before, he seems just like experienced person in security guard. He’d the quality what we need, loving and caring persons to the child as well as with great responsibilities in his work. He always seems alert in his tasks as well to the surroundings. The best thing about him is that he’s honest.

He’s two daughter in his village. The things to make him to do job in this years is for his daughter’s education. He wanted to teach his daughter in good, quality schools. As their culture is to get married in early age without giving good education. But he wanted the job for his daughter's education. We wish he’ll get success !!

Kumar Tamang, Sports Teacher  

Kumar Tamang is the physical fitness instructor and Taekwondo trainer in NECO Home. He is an athlete for the Nepal Taekwondo national team and a black belt holder. He is experienced, qualified, dynamic, and a knowledgeable person. He is a very dedicated and motivating person. He provides moral education to the children. Similarly, he helps the kids by counselling them.

Umit Silwal, Website Overseer

Umit is currently studying B.C.S in Sunway International Business School. He had completed his high school from SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Kavre, Panauti-2. He is working In NECO since 2016 as a website overseer.

Ram Gurung, Kitchen Helper

 Ram Gurung, one of the NECO SLC graduated children, from the remote area of the Hilly Region.  Now he’s doing work in NECO‘s kitchen in his free time by serving delicious and healthy food in NECO.  Beside these, he used to help in many fields like in fixing small- small electric problems, painting, constructing and so on. As he seems perfect in every field and he’s planning to pursue vocational training in cooking. The main things he used to cut hair of all children in NECO.  This time he’s fully supporting NECO in every field and appointed as a kitchen helper.

Balkumari Chaudhary, Neco Helper

Balkumari Chaudhary is a NECO Helper from Kailali District. She’s two daughter. Her main aim to enter Kathmandu is to make educated for the two lovely daughters. She is like a house mother. She looks after the children’s overall activities like in cleaning, bathing, and washing. Also she used to serve in the kitchen in cooking and in serving the food as well as cleaning the dishes. Her main responsibility is to take care of the junior children with respect to seniors too.

Sita Devi Chaudhary, Helper

Sita Devi, one of the newest families of NECO. She’s the mother of two young children, from Kailali District. She came here to support her two young children's education. As to say, her husband married another lady and is not supporting their living whereas she has to be here, far from her two children to give them good education. She left them with their grandma.

She's an innocent, loving and hardworking lady. Her work here is to support in cleaning and keeping the environment neat and clean with senior children. In need she is supporting in the kitchen also.

Santalal Chaudhary, Driver


Santala, a hardworking young man, is also the newest member of NECO. He is helping NECO by supporting those in need. He is helping here by driving our old cute jeepsy in need.