Summer Vacation 2023

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Our kids just finished their summer vacation . These vacations became very fruitful for them. They learnt to swim, cycling and feed animals . Also this vacation became book free time for them.

Here's some clips of their activities.

We started our day with national anthem and prayers.
And Cleaning and Vacuuming the rooms and surrounding.
By swimming we kick out all the heat and it also becomes very nice to all of us. Almost all built confidence in Swimming. Our little boy who's with his sister's gang in the middle was also confident enough to swim.
Juniors were busy playing with stones and swing and some 're learning how to cycle as well as some are enjoying the cold water in the hot weather.
These senior girls are curious about seeing bird's eggs. It's seen while they 're cutting grass for the goat and the next two kids feel amazing seeing blooming dragon fruits .
Prakash Carrying the Young Goat Kid. The Goat can graze beside our building and has a big space, children can run, play and enjoy gossiping so everyone wants to go to look at the goat.
Early in the morning everyone wants to feed fish because they can see fish easily.
Every time there'll be a fight to feed animals, chicken, fish and so on. Enjoying feeding food for their chicken, ducks and some children picking chillies.
Due to having strong thunder lighting, some C.C cameras and our old T.V. been damaged where we'd to buy a New T.V. ,and we had to install more A.C. 's .
We finished making five more bathrooms and need to build two more bathrooms.
On weekends they're taking Bahai's class with Ramesh.
And one good news our three Children passed their SEE with good grades and were enrolling management in computer science.
Also our children don't want to miss their birthday celebration by testing different foods. These times they enjoy having ice-cream. And the next picture is of our home guards lying upon a new tile.
It's difficult to show all the things in pictures and in videos (I'll send you short clip videos after some days) but we had Duck, Kaliz pheasant, Guinea fowl (Laukat), Chicken of two varieties , Goat of two varieties, Rabbit, Boar (Badel) etc. and we planted varieties of fruits. We ourself hatched chicken from home eggs. We using chicken and goat for our meat. Some were already ripe and ate. Some are going to be ready.

Actually, kids enjoy all these activities.

Lastly, we like to express our gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Yazdani and Parvini's family for sending us the gorgeous clothes. Also thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Parvini for sending us Television and Also thanks to our dearest friends Mr and Mrs. Irvin and Molly for sending Laptop for us.

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