Health Check Up – Monthly Update- Prothestic Eye

Namaste and Welcome back to our Updates with these three charming young girls. We would like to say sorry for the delay in our updates as we were busy spending our vacations. But we'd a bunch of pictures and we're excited to share them.
We had a very enjoyable and fruitful time during this vacation. We did gardening, learnt swimming, did shopping and so on. Most importantly we did our regular health check up with dental care.
Pic: Biraj enjoying in Swimming Pool. Some children with Staff're busy in Gardening.
Pic: After getting all the necessary stuff. Prakash and Ranjima in Shopping Mall.
Our Youngest Boy with his sister in the Dental Clinic and Abhram in the Lab Department.
Pic : Nirita in 2017(1st one )
The happiest and most important thing we did was Nirita's eye surgery. Thanks to Uncle Bill for the encouragement and the support you did for it. Perhaps because of the eye problems, she herself felt different from other children. Didn't try to expose the friendly behavior. Now the unexpected surgery has opened the way for change in her life today, where she can walk forward with confidence without any hindrance or bad thoughts.....she's now living in a comfortable and friendly zone as before.

Thank you again uncle Bill for being as the precious gift of Nirita's new life .

New Academic Session already begun. Being Ready to Dispatch to their School.
Three of these young were waiting for their SEE Result. And the next beautiful lady's Pratima , won a Dance Competition held in her College.
Our Graduating Children Support their Junior in their study. They used to take classes in their leisure time.
Ram Prasad (with blue chest pad) who is going to be graduating Senior High School Level Became the Martial Art Coach in NECO.
While in Sparring Time.
Added New Beds, Cloth Hangers and Cupboards.
Ramesh in Construction Sites. Preparing a Playing Ground.
A Group Picture after Getting Gifts all the way from the US.
At last thank you for those who directly and indirectly contributing and supporting for our living and education.

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