All About Hiking

All About Hiking

Hiking is all about physical and at times emotional challenges, but you experience the most gratifying, unique and memorable experience of your life.
Kathmandu Valley seen on the way to Shanti Dham Hiking.
Drinking water to overcome thirst.
It was on 19th Jan 2023, we hiked with a team member of 23. It was unplanned and an old unknown heritage was near us. We started our hike at quarter to 11. The hiking was expected for a short period of time, but wasn't as expected because of the new location. We hiked asking people the way to reach over there. The people whom we met and talked to were friendly and helpful, giving the right direction to the destination. Our destination was "Shanti Dham" located at Kavresthali height popular for meditation, yoga and learning the knowledge of morality. It took around 3 hrs to reach the destination safely and excitingly. The place was on the height of Kavresthali in a peaceful and clean environment. The sounds of chirping birds, movement of continuous breezing wind and the most favorite place for viewpoint of Kathmandu valley was its main attraction. You'd relieve all the mental stress and anxiety reaching over there.
After spending a bit of time over there enjoying the scenery and observing monuments, we were boosted with some kind of energy for our next destination "National Flag Park" which is known for its viewpoint of Kathmandu valley and is a half hour distance from Dham by foot. The place was recently popular among youths and travellers. Whole Kathmandu valley was visible on that day because of the clean and no foggy sky. We're lucky to be there on that day. The place was unique and located on a steep hill of Tarkeshwar. We had noodles and water to be free from thirst and hunger.
National Flag Park
The hiking itself is always one step ahead . So we decided to hike every place near there and walking through the woods, we reached the most historical and famous heritage of Tarkeshwor "Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple" in the middle of the jungle . The temple was on the steep hills with lots of ladder's step. We were moving ahead without feeling tired because the trip was going so beautifully.
On the way to and Tarkeshwor Mahadev Mandir.
We prayed and returned for another location "Bhuvaneshwar temple" located on Mudkhu Bhanjyang . After spending some time there, we returned home and reached safely at around 7. Eight hrs of hiking was so much unforgettable and was a life-long memory. The bin's facilities on every hill were too impressive and manageable for environmental conservation. Therefore, the hiked places were clean and green. This is how we began Visit Nepal 2023.The blisters will heal and soon be forgotten, but the good memories will remain forever!

At last but not least, thank you all for loving, caring and supporting for us. 🙏🥰

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