No sufficient bed, no oxygen cylinder, no vaccine, lockdown, a high price in grocery items, and so on.  Feared and devastating. To be honest, Nepal facing a very painful situation but helpful people all over the world, different organizations, countries helping to come over these critical situations. Moreover the number of cases increasing where some of our staff also not far from hospitalizations and 85% of us staying separately from healthy children inside NECO Compound.  We also experienced but thanks to god except for some of them, we not suffered so much. And now we all were healthy and happy. But as we experienced, it’s hard to tackle the cases so please be safe and healthy.

Besides, all educational institutions were closed. The students of NECO were sad to take the online class again. They missed their school surrounding but it’s awful and thankful to them that they finished their academic year from online. Now the new session began, need new books.
Moreover, we’ve college students studying BSC Nursing as well as +2 level. They’re doing well in their studies. Proud to have them with us. But in one to two months, all of them also going to finish their college studies. Worried of their future who’ll be their sponsor in such a pandemic situation. Could they find out? Can they study what they want? Thinking a lot of questions about their life, esp. worrying about their studies.

Anyway, as we knew there’ll be “ALL IS WELL”, there’s God to look after us.

Grateful of having helpful hands with us. Due to you all we’re here and able to provide the children fruitful life and we hope there’s you all with us for their future career.

Here’s the link about them what they’re going to study and a letter to NECO.

If there’s anybody to support their future carrier please help them by doing donation from the following link. last again thank you so much for the love, support, and care for us.

Stay Safe and Healthy.

NECO Family

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$200 to provide full sponsorship for one child per month
$50 to provide for one month English-medium education
$60 to provide food for one month
$30 to buy one pair of shoes or school uniform
$10 for school supplies

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Selected text and photos by Samjhana Gurung.
Edited by Samjhana Gurung.

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