+2 Students

1. Ratan Gurung (Admitted in NECO – 2010 A. D.)

  • One of the excellent guy of NECO.
  • Studying Science Faculty with taking Physic major subject.
  • Aim – Computer Engineer.
  • Estimated Cost- Rs. 9-12 Lakhs (US $ 7,000- 10,000) It depends upon the university.
    Here’s the attached mail of his to us.

Apr 14, 2021, 8:11
AM (1 day ago)


 I am deeply heartfelt thankful for the contributions, motivation, encouragement and every things that you are providing me from my date when I was as adopted here in NECO HOME. Still I am pursuing my study staying with this beautiful environment. I have no words to explain how much happy and lucky I am. This is all because of your care, love and support. I have a memorable and majestic experiences still now and will be in future days too with your helpful hand. I am too much grateful towards my NECO FAMILY, donator, volunteer and supporter.

 Clearly, I had an aim to be a computer engineering. So I had a plan to study computer courses after my +2. I am unknown about the cost estimation. However I estimated it takes huge sum of money. Being born in a poor family, I can’t afford this money from myself. Therefore I need your support and guidance. 

Thank you once again for thinking of me and my future plans. Thank you once again for what you have done for me till date and hope I expect more help from you in the later days. 

Best regards
Ratan Gurung

2. Choki Sherpa (Admitted Date in NECO – 2006 A.D.)

  • One of the leading capacity lady.
  • Studying – Hotel Management taking Math major subject.
  • Aim: Air Hostess but want to do bachelor in Hotel Management before doing Air hostess.
  • Estimated Cost BHM – Rs. 7- 10 Lakhs ( $ 6000 – $ 8000 )
    (Attached Mail from Her !!!)

Thank you so much for letting me write.


 I am still living in the NECO Foundation and that makes me happy and proud of myself. It was an incredible situation for me and this opportunity makes me feel strong and inhabited. As I live here, it gives all the satisfaction of the things that I wanted. NECO provides me a qualified education and from which I cover up my beautiful upcoming future. I got a reliable helpful teacher here who always teaches us what is good and what is wrong and they always protect us like broods .It teaches me the way of living. It makes me a girl with a vision of positive aspects. NECO gives me all my basic needs and feels me. If I was with my relatives then I won’t get all these facilities that I got in the past, recently getting and hoping to get in future too. I am feeling more homely here.

 My aim is to become an air hostess. But after completing plus 2 level I would like to join bachelor and later I wanted to join air hostess. I wanted to finish my bachelor in Hotel Management from Nathm College, British college or NCCS college. In Nathm college, the fee structure is NRs.5,75,000. According to Tribhuvan University, the fee structure of BHM lies in between NRs. 3,50,000- 4,80,000.Every college has its own fee structure. After completing bachelors, I would like to join as an air hostess abroad. At first, I do my best to be an air hostess. If in case the situation turns out and I won’t be then I work out my career in Hotel line. But seriously I do my best to be an air hostess. 

It’s all things are hard for me I know but you all are there for me. I am that much sure that you are always on my behalf. In the coming days, you all look after me wanting something and help me to capture my dream. You would all support me like in the past you all did .Generally, it’s a time to be competitive but without your support I am not how I am and so I knew that you all never leave me alone and be my part. You would always grant me to be best and conceal me there where troubles came. To become a well and definitely, I always needed you because you are the one who understands me and shows me the right path. I wanted to walk out with you. I am sure that you will be in my future and support me.

I know that you all support me and always be there for me. But also positive hopes that there will be support for me from you to succeed my aim, dream. Keep supporting me, lots of love to you all and thank you so much for all for making me and growing me up with positive vibes.

Thank you so much,
Hoping for best support in future.
Choki Sherpa

3. Sharmila Gurung (Admitted Date in NECO – 2010 A. D.)

  • Studying Hotel Management taking Marketing major subject.
  • Aim – Chef
  • Estimated Cost for BHM – Rs. 7 – 10 Lakhs ( $6000 – 8000)
    (Attached Mail from Her…)


 I had a very great experience while living in NECO home .I had the most wonderful time there .I had a peaceful environment to learn and study .The teachers were always there to guide and motivate me .Since I am living with the relatives now I am able to communicate more with the family members and yes I am enjoying to learn about the household chores .The elder’ siblings are always there to guide me .I am also having a wonderful time here.

 In the future, I want to be a chef so,I have decided to take BHM .But since I have a poor financial condition I may take another course .I haven’t decided the college yet but according to my research the BHM course would cost approximately 13 lakhs .

I am thankful for whatever you have done.

Yours sincerely
Sharmila Gurung

4. 4. Simana Padey (Admitted Date – 2012 A.D.)

  • Studying Science having Biology Major Subject.
  • Aim : To be a Nurse
  • Estimated Cost for BSC Nursing : Rs. 10 – 12 Lakhs ( $ 8000 to $10000)
    (Attached Mail from Her !!!)


It’s me simana pandey permanently from gorkha and temporary from goldhunga,ktm.Now,I am doing +2 Science in biology at South Western State College,ktm.It’s been nine year I stayed at NECO but now, I am staying with my relatives outside NECO which teaches me a lots of lesson about struggling and passionate life.

 Born in a small and needy family is not a painful moment but being orphanage is hurting moment for all.Although, this paining doesn’t stay longer in my life,NECO-HOME gives me life and take full responsibility of me and all NECO family.I felt honored and blessed to be a part of member of NECO family.I never felt loneliness and orphanage in NECO-HOME. Ramesh sir and Samjhana mam always want to fulfill all the desire and needs as well as taking our full responsibility i.e mother and father whereas I have got alot of facilities and achievement staying at NECO-HOME.But I didn’t realize the struggling life and even don’t know about satisfaction what I get now outside NECO. I only felt happy with facilities and love hearted life.I felt guilty with my aggressive behavior when I sometime used to show with the responsible person.now, I know the difficult life with lack of needy things.So that what I have deserve and able to graduate in science is all due to the reason of NECO-HOME.I am very thankful about it to all the supportive member.one goal! I definitely see through NECO is graduating from college.In school I am a average student.Throughout the college I want to be a great student.Every choice I make affect my future.I don’t know what the future will bring but I know what my goal and ambition are.A career that I love is one of the most important part of my future rather than others choice and likeness. So one career I would want to see in future is staff nurse. It’s my dream to treat and serve people carefully as well as passionately. Similarly, I am interested to became a staff nurse although for achieving dream,we should be clear about the income source that is occupied by that sector,institution that would benefit for future and so on.According to my subject, there are many institution to study in in payment or scholarship. Among them I want to choose KU institution(kathmandu medical college) which occupied 33 seats.Fee for this institution is 10 to 14 lakhs. I want to do competition on scholarship but if it is not possible than I want to study in payment. 

Today it’s hard to succeed and live comfortably without competition.that’s why I have made my education a top priority and fully intend on fulfilling my goal.In addition to college education and wonderful career,I desire to see a supportive member in my future.Hopefully everything I want to achieve will be in future but now I will work hard to get closer to achieving those goal.I can only hope that I make good decision about my life.

Thank you so much,
Hoping for best support in future.
Simana Pandey

5. Anusha Rijal (Admitted Date – 2010 A.D.)

  • Studying Science taking Biology Major Subject.
  • Aim: To be a Dentist.
  • Estimated Cost for Physiotherapy – Rs 12 – 14 Lakh
  • Estimated Cost for BPH (Public Health) – Rs. 8 to 10 Lakh
  • Estimated Cost for BDS – Rs 40 – 50 Lakh (five years)
    (Attached Mail from Her…)

To NECO family,

 Hi and Namaste, hope that you all are great out there. It was three days since I got your letter so I want a forgiveness for late submission. Going onto the topic, it’s a great idea to share my views and experiences through email.

Truly speaking, I had a great time at NECO. Coming out of NECO is very different for us. Since you are always there supporting us with financial problems and others stuffs I haven’t gone through a difficult situations. I will certainly let you know if any problem arises in the way. But I will be always in need of your suggestions and advice for my bright future. Moving to my future plan I am very glad to share it. As you know that BDS is another emerging field besides MBBS so BDS is my first career option. Three universities including Kathmandu University, Tribhuwan University and BPKIHS are running BDS course with 570 total seats whole over Nepal. The fee structure of BDS course is as expensive as MBBS course. It nearly cost about 40 lakhs in paying but has some other criteria for scholarship holder related to fees. I don’t think that I could complete my undergraduate course without your financial support. Besides that I have planned to do bachelor in public health or in physiotherapy as my second and third career options.

Hope you understand and looking forward for your further supports and strongest suggestions from you. And lastly Happy New Year 2078 to all the NECO family.

Your sincerely,
Anusha Rijal

6. Bibash Ghale (Admitted Date – 2010 A.D.)

  • studying Hotel Management taking Math Major Subject.
  • One of the Shy Guy.
  • Aim- Chef
  • Estimated Cost for BHM – Rs. 7- 10 Lakh
    (Attached Mail from Him…)

Dear NECO Family,

I am Bibash Ghale. I would like to thank you for your support and contribution towards NECO Home. Your contribution helps us to pursue success in our life. For now I am all right in every aspects like physical and economics but just after passing +2 it will be difficult to me. The days are going amazingly and I am doing my best to keep my brother and sister happy and satisfactory by teaching.

I have made a plan to continue my further study in H.M and aims to be chef. I also planned to prepare TOEFL/ILTS classes for abroad studies. I think it takes more cost. I have a interest and passion in boys airhostess too. I decided to continue my studies in abroad if possible. If not I will studied here in Nepal. I am unknown about the cost estimation but thought it will cost more.

Thank you for your love care and contribution♥️?.

Your sincerely,
Bibash Ghale

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