June Update


Pandemic cases have fallen down in Nepal compared to the past days. However, as for a public health measure and for public normal life style, the Government extend lockdown till July 5, 2021 but operation hours for grocery stores, pharmacies, as well as other businesses, are permitted to operate on certain days and hours. As well as public and personal vehicles are also permitted to operate on odd and even days in certain hours but some banks and certain government offices remain open.
As to update NECO, luckily now we’re staying safe, healthy, and joyful. It’s all about the prayer, love, and supports of kind-hearted people. Also hopping you to be "HEALTHY, SAFE AND HAPPY".
Children’s new academic session just started this month. We bought and distributed the reading materials to our kids and they are too much excited about their new classes (virtual class).

Moreover, 2 guys Ram Prasad Ghale and Aayush Rijal had finished their high school. So they are seeking best college, best course and best future.

Pic: Ram Prasad and Ayush Picture in past and presence.

So as, this month, we celebrated the birthday of Aayush Rijal and Dipika Bhujel with joyful making homemade Mo: Mo. (Nepali Dumpling)

Pic: Dipika with her team wearing red Hoody making Mo.Mo. And the second one Aayush going to steam. He himself is a good cook.

Pic: Having Hot- Hot Mo. Mo with Jhol Achar.

And we celebrated the festival called "National Paddy Day". A day that symbolizes the end of the rice planting period, a day when all farmers enjoy the completion of the plantation and wishe for good production. We enjoyed and celebrated taking Nepalese food 'Dahi Chiura'.

Also, here’s the YouTube link that we posted. Mo.Mo. Eating Challenge Also, we don’t want to miss an opportunity to thank you so much for Gerald and his entire family for sending us chocolates and sports clothes.

Finally, from behalf of NECO Family we want to express hearty thankful to those volunteers, donators and supporters who worked harder for our requirements and needs, facilities and our bright future.
Once again thank you!
Ratan Gurung, Samjhana Gurung

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