I may not be where I want to be but I am thankful for not being where I used to be.

Travelling is a wonderful hobby that not only helps to divert one's life but also helps to spend a quantity time with family and friends. Everyone dreams to go Kalinchowk. Kalinchowk is a former village development committee that is now a rural municipality in Dolakha district in province no.3 of North Eastern Nepal. It is located at an altitude of 3842 m. above sea level and 150 km. away from Kathmandu. Kalinchowk is a quick city escape.

After all, we all also had a big dream to go Kalinchowk and play with cold snow and finally we had our dream fulfilled because of mutual cooperation and coordination between administrator and us. We are heartily thankful for all their efforts. Travelling somewhere with NECO family collaborate our happiness. On one hand our 1 night and 2 days trip was really joyful and unforgettable i.e. we had clicked many photographs over a beautiful scenery. On the other hand we had some unforgettable experiences during our trip..

To conclude our trip; it was January 30, we started our trip with the rising sun at about 6:45 am and headed to 150 km away from Kathmandu to a most beautiful, a heaven like place of Nepal, Kalinchowk. It was the first time of our visit to Kalinchowk. One reason to visit the place was to play in the snow. It’ll be our first exprecienced with snow. So all of us were too excited and with exciting heart we arrived Kalinchowk. It took around 8 hours by bus. The road was small and bad. Sometimes we’d great experience of frightened but the excitement to play with snow and the beautiful views of misty hills, rivers and streams from windows made us forget the frighten. At the same time our bus got a problem where we have to stay around one hour waiting for the mechanics to repair. It was far away from the city and due to shortage of mechanics we have to change the bus.. After all we again headed forward to reach Kalinchock. Again the road was tough rough to travel.. Although of being it, the bus was on its was by listening Local Neplai songs . We should give thanks to the bus driver. He’s so strong heart to drive.

The road was fully covered with snow which made our travelling more difficult and frightening. However, it was enjoy full. With exciting hearts we arrived Kuri village of Kalinchowk at around 5 pm. Really, Kurri village was beautiful village that lies in the lap of the hill. The colorful houses made of wooden made the village more beautiful. The day was really wonderful but it was not snowing while we reach there but we could see the colorful roofs of houses, hills and trees covered with snow.

We really felt like an angel of a heaven. Seeing such an impressing view from a height was like we were dreaming. Then in a queue we started walking towards our hotel named Sunapati. The hotels were well managed with necessary basic to luxurious needs but during that time, there was a scarcity of water. It’s all because of being temperature low. All the water becomes ice where we are enabling to use water tap.
In the evening, we enjoyed a fire camp .We enjoyed a lot with barbeque and danced with loud music. Almost every people were familiar. They all came to dance with us. Where we forgot all our long and rough journey where we had all the pains and tiredness. Some of the photos clicked during that time are:

At the same time, our teachers guide us very carefully. They were much more worried about us. Since we became tried we went to sleep after having a dinner.
Next morning, we went to Bhagwati temple. Weather was too cold i.e. -7 degree Celsius. The way was difficult for us to reach to the top so we went there by cable car. The sceneries of natural beauty from cable car were really amazing.

After seeing the himalaya , we worshipped god Bhagwati. We had a lot of fun there. We even saw Gaurishankhar himal . After all we moved down the same hotel and took a small snacks .At about 11:30 am, we decided to get back. Accordingly we packed up all the things and we rushed. On the way while returning we played in the snow and made a snowman together. By viewing all the places we arrived home in the evening. In this way our 1 night trip finished.

Wrapping up, Kalinchwok trip made us so happy. For people who want to experience snowfall, high altitude, sightseeing and light adventure with less effort, this is the perfect option. In addition to that it is also a famous pilgrimage site for Hindu. So, all people should visit Kalinchowk. Spring season is the best time to visit there throughout which we can enjoy snow fall, beautiful mountain range.
At Last, Thank you all who gave us a great opportunity to explore.

Prepared By. Senior Girls (Anusha, Choki, Sharmila and Simana)

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Selected text and photos by Samjhana Gurung.

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