Prepared By: Ratan and Bibash ( 30th Jan 2020)

Tourist Destination (popular) Kalinchowk.

We ever thought our days turn to hilarious moment and memorable event. And we never thought to reach tourist destination (popular) Kalinchowk. Thanks and warm greetings to those who provides us with such a golden opportunities. And we really miss those places, circumstances passed over there. The side viewing, the scenery was much too attractive. Along with beautiful moment, we faced a lot of obstacles over there. The weather was too cold and the snow covered hill made us feel fantastic and wonderful.

Travelling became everyone's hobby by birth. It became remarkable to someone and neither too. However it became interesting to us. Our NECO FAMILY was planning to provide opportunities to us by teaching new things, knowledge, ideas and lifestyle of specific region. The mission of NECO HOME is to socialize needy children, explore their talents, and make them diligent, dedication and discipline.

We were delighted when we reached there and we felt we were in heaven it's because the environment makes me feel the same. We went there with my huge joint family (NECO FAMILY) and we express our love, ideas expression, unity, humanity over there. We all have one ideas being brotherhood over there. So finally facing obstacles and viewing scene we reach Kalinchowk at evening. The road through which travel is not well managed. However we reach there easily comfortably and efficiently.

In the evening we had a campfire where we families dance for a long time for the first time. I don’t know what fear was inside my heart so we danced without nervousness. We took a lot of photographs and videos.

The temple "Bagwati mandir" at Kalinchowk lies at the top of a hill from where we saw 7 different mountains. We reach over by walking instead of using cable car.
The sun rising through the mountain became so much memorable and life experience. We played with snow, made snowmen and we rolled with happiness. We played with for a longer duration. On one hand we are feeling cold but because of our craziness we denied coldness. The designation and structure of the house at Kalinchowk was well managed, needle structured at top. So I thought it was my memorable life experience.

At last thank you so much for the wonderful opportunities and families of NECO Home.

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Selected text and photos by Samjhana Gurung.

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