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Happy Holidays
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Best wishes for Happy Holidays
and a magnificent New Year.

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Respected Supporters, Contributors, Volunteers, Friends and well Wishers,
It is my pleasure to present NECO’s annual summary 2019, entailing its activities and its progress. I believe NECO have strengthened the beneficent endeavors over the years to betterment and transform the life of the children. Since its establishment NECO have worked to develop the competencies and capacities of destitute children to make a difference in their life. So that we are able to educate more than fifty children, some are engaging in University level to secure nurse degree and some are in College level to become engineer, air hostess,nurse and business person. Some of them were re-integrated with their responsible persons. We have a wide range of supporters like corporations, individuals, teachers, students, well – wishers, volunteers and so on, for the life line of the organization. It means they are the important paramount for the success of the activities of the organization i.e. for the success of the mission of the organization to educate, love, support and shelter for the children in homely environment. So I would like to assure our supporters that their gifts and selfless giving have facilitated to make a difference in the lives of children. Also the dedication and selflessness of the board members, from US and staff members has made this successful. I am thankful to them and wishes their support and guidance in the future.
Samjhana Gurung (Operations Manager )

This Year Seven students graduated from SEE and one joined B.Sc. Nursing.

It’s the picture of our beautiful girl named Durga of past thirteen years. This year she went to Banglore to gain international degree in Nursing.

The next picture is the picture taken before she departure from NECO Home to Bangalore.  Thank to Director Mr. Cyrus Parvini and his organization
for the support.

Seven of the NECO Children Graduated from SEE with good scored where three of them studying Science  with the aim to become dentist, engineer and nurse where four of them studying  Management with the aim to be Manager, Businessperson as well as Chief and airhostess.  The above picture is with their college dress .( One is missing)

Athletic Hero Mr. Ram Bahadur Gurunng

This Year he won two medals  in running.  One in JB Inter school Road Race Competition 2019 - secured first position by completing four-kilometer race in 13 minutes and 21 seconds.
And 2nd one securing second position in Inter – School Marathon Race of five K.M. distance.


  • Eighteen students were honoured by Black Belt in the Martial Art.

  • In the “Second – Won Taekwondo Championship” we achieved three gold, five silver and eight bronze

  • And Surkachya got  the best female award.


Volunteer of the Year

On January Ms. Agnes Sng from Singapore and Jiyun Lee from Korea came to visit NECO with stationery items and with local fruits.On March - Mrs. Behinaein and her husband Mr. Mehrab were here for  online classes and heartily want to thank Dr. Shakib and US team for providing the online courses for the children.

We got a great opportunities to Celebrate a Colorful Festival Holi with our guests. Above picture are the memorable events of that time and last one is the picture of the online classes.


This year we got a lots of gifts from our supporters. Especially,  like to appreciate to our founder Mr. Bishow Bhatta, Mr. Gerald Babel-Sutter and his entire family as well as to Mr. Jürgen Martini and his sister Ms. Heidrun Neureiter for raising funds to  facilitate the furnishing in children rooms, kitchen and in taekwondo hall.  Also from that we are able to join Solar Panel. Also from  Geralad family we got an opportunity to celebatre kids birthday again. It was their second contribution for the birthday.  So as from them we got gifts to buy new clothes in the festivals. Here’s some of the glimpses of the things. Also lik  e to thanks to Ms. Susan Raam, for sending laptops as well as our great supporters Mr. Cyrus Parvini for providing a supports for graduated students and  sending clothes and gifts for other children. Accept our gratitude !!!

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$200 to provide full sponsorship for one child per month
$50 to provide for one month English-medium education
$60 to provide food for one month
$30 to buy one pair of shoes or school uniform
$10 for school supplies


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Copyright © 2019, Nepal Children Orphan Home
Selected text and photos by Samjhana Gurung.


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