Newsletter – February 2015


Founded 2006


Greetings to you all from Kathmandu,

the ‘Top of the World!’

 We have huge and important updates for you this newsletter, with tremendous improvements in the lives of our kids. This time we focus more on pictorial descriptions with hopes of better visualizing our work to you.  So much was accomplished during our President’s visit, made possible by your generous contributions.

Don’t forget it is only with continuous, month by month, support, small or large, that we can continue to keep this mission open and running.  But year by year, thanks to many of your commitments and contributions, we continue to improve the lives and opportunities of these children, your children, by improving their education, their mental and spiritual development, and their physical home, which teaches a higher standard and quality of living.



Special thanks and acknowledgement to Mr. John Freeman of Stone Crest Financial from San Jose, California for his inspiration and contribution to commence this project.

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_1


So we are well on our way. Before buying cows, we needed to first build a ‘barn’ on our land. Now it’s almost finished. But we still have more to do. Now we’re visiting some cow farms searching to buy cows. In the first phase, we’ll buy 2 cows, and with financial help, we can increase this to eight.

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_2

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_3

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_4

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_5

We were spending too much money for milk to feed over 40 people, low quality milk, so we were encouraged to start a cow farm  for the children. This would help resolve the high cost and better the nutrition.  Further, the farm will be an educational platform for the children to learn animal husbandry, gardening, and teaching principals of working together in cooperation and consultation.

From our vegetable garden, we will compost fertilizer.  And from cow dung we can produce bio-gas to cook food, produce electricity, as well as compost fertilizer for planting. If we manage to produce bio-gas for electricity, it will help during Nepal’s frequent power cuts. This will then help enable the children to better their daily activities and chores.



In the beginning of this year, we started to use the newly constructed Dining Hall and Kitchen Room. Yet to be purchased is a commercial oven and gas stove, baking and cooking utensils, and a large rice cooker. The hall is designed to be multi-purposed to include use for private meetings, prayers, studying, and a meeting place for group activities.

 NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_6

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_7

Kids do prayers every morning and evening. We do special prayers of peace, recovery, thanks giving and wishes for some special people or days.



We hired three new employees:  for security, accounting and caregiving.


NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_8Mr. Rajkumar Dhamala – Security Guard

Rajkumar served in the Nepal Army for 19 years. Additional work includes being security guard in various schools, which developed in him a capacity to deal more professionally with child issues.



NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_9Mr. Hemanta Khadka – Accountant

Hemanta is working toward a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting. He has one year working experience in an organization as an accountant.



NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_10Mrs. Kalpana Gurung – Caregiver

Kalpana is married and has a child. Her main duty is to mother and provide care of the junior children: oversee their cleanliness, heath, daily activities and providing guidance.



On the 17th of January during winter vacation, NECO kids and staff went on a special picnic.

We travelled to Lakuri Bhanjyang in Lalitpur District. The drive from Kathmandu was two hours.   The mountain views were spectacular.


NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_11The view from the picnic sports.                                             NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_13Going to have picnic.

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_14Kids enjoying the picnic.                                                      

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_15Sunrise from the picnic sports.

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_16

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_17



During school holidays NECO family got involved in cleaning.

To keep the surrounding areas clean is a very important duty and our kids always do it with great energy, enthusiasm, and team work.

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_18

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_19

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_20

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_21Cleaning the public street outside NECO Home.

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_22Managing bricks.                                                                       

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_23Cutting bushes.



31ST JAN 2015

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_24Kids group picture at field after upgrading the belt.


NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_25

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_26Taekwondo Player at Field.

It was nice to see our kids achieving in Taekwondo. All of the kids got promoted to single belt and one got double belt promotion. It was done through the National Taekwondo Association of Nepal.

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_27

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_28



   Mr. Ratan Gurung got double belt promotion.

He will be playing in half blue belt further. NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_29 NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_30Ms. Surakshya Karki is very happy. She will be wearing Yellow belt instead of white one.




Winter is slowly saying goodbye to Kathmandu. Kids had a vacation for a week and during this time,

they enjoyed doing various activities according to their interests. Now, school has once again started with the children back on a regular schedule.

With the end of Nepali year in March/April, the school session will also end.

So the children will be preparing for their final examinations.


NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_31Kids playing in groups.                                                       

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_32Surkshya playing with dog, Pinky.

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_33Ash Bdr. Playing Guitar.                                                           NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_34Sagar and Ishwor preparing breakfast.

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_35Deepika Bina and Pratima.                                                      NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_36Writing homework are playing in happy mood.

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_37Playing outdoor games.

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_39Our boys are much interested in music. They love playing guitar and singing. Ishwor is playing and is one of our best vocalists.

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_40

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_41Junior Kids make Flowers, Greeting Cards and other attractive things by using papers and colors.



For School days

S.N Work Time
1 Wake up 5:30 am
2 Taekwondo 6 –  7:30
3 Daily duties (cleanings) 7:30 – 8
4 Have meal 8 – 8:20
5 Get ready for school 8:45
6 Leave for school 9
7 Return from school 4:30
8 Do homework 5 – 6
9 Have dinner 6 – 6:30
10 Study 6:30 – 8:30
11 Sleep 8:30 (kids) 9:00 (adults)


For Holidays

S.N Work Time
1 Wake up 5:30 am
2 Taekwondo 6 – 8
3 Have Breakfast 8:15
4 Daily duties 8:30 – 9:30
5 Lunch 10 – 10:30
6 Personal cleanings 11 – 12:30
7 ECA 1 – 4
8 Study 4 – 6
9 Dinner 6 – 6:30
10 Study 7 – 8
11 Sleep 8 (kids) 9:00 (adults)


*Extra curricular activities (ECA) – Computer practice, Indoor games, Storytelling, Dance,

Football, Drawing & coloring, Watch T.V, library time etc…


For Festival Days:

  • Special greetings to each other
  • Tell the history and importance of the day
  • Prepare food according to the festival
  • Visit some place (such as holy place)
  • Celebrate as we can afford




S.N Days MorningBreakfast Lunch Snacks Dinner
1 Sunday Tea  Rice,  Beans, green vegetables Cookies/milk Roti, Curry, Salad
2 Monday Tea/Milk Rice, Daal, Green vegetable Pickle Fruit juicebread Fried rice, potato curry, 
3 Tuesday Tea/Milk Rice, Daal, spinach, pickle Beaten Rice(fried with soybeans, peanuts), tea Noodles
4 Wednesday Tea/milk Rice,  Beans, green Vegetables Boiled egg, tea Curry, Aloo parautha (chapatti with potato inside it)
5 Thursday Tea/Milk Rice, daal, soyabeans Bread jam/ toast Chowmein
6 Friday Tea/Milk Rice , Soup,  Vegetables Fruits Momo
7 Saturday And other holidays Milk, Bread with Jam or butter, Omelets , Beans, Tea


 Rice, Meat/Chicken, Vegetables, pickleChapatti, Curry, Samosa or Doughnuts , tea

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