Newsletter – December 2014

Namaste Everyone and greetings for a wonderful holiday season!

Just some short updates at the orphanage.

Winter is upon us. Although we seldom ever have snow in Kathmandu Valley, temperatures do approach freezing where heat is only provided by space heaters.  And since our orphanage is located at the base of Nagarjun Mountain, the sun goes down as early as 1:00 in the afternoon, making the cold hours even longer.


About the kids

Kids’ days start with prayers. Their prayers are for world peace and thanksgiving to God for giving life, which with your help, we are trying to make more wonderful and more rewarding with better future opportunities.

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Children returned to their villages last month for the Nepal festivals of Dashain & Tihar.  Since these are the main holidays of the country, all schools and colleges were closed for almost a month’s time.

Kids utilized their vacation in their village by being closer to the society where they belong. Along with that they learnt about the lifestyle, social problems, culture and customs of their community. According to the senior kids, the issue of illiteracy and community health was observed in better way and it helped them to understand their future responsibility towards their community and village.



This is the middle of the school year. First and mid-term examination were already taken and the kids will be preparing for the second-midterm exam soon. In these school days, the kids are very busy. Three of our kids are taking extra classes for their upcoming SLC (School Leaving Certificate) exam which will be held in April 2015. They are studying hard for better results. After obtaining their SLC, the children ‘graduate’ or leave NECO Home.

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Sports & Extra Curricular Activities

Martial Arts Grading Ceremony was held last September. According to their performance in Grading, nine of our kids were promoted to a double belt and rest got single belt promotion. Kids are happy by wearing new belt and learning new techniques of Taekwondo. They are very much inspired by their Taekwondo teacher Kumar Tamang who is a player of National level and has won many medals in several games. Taekwondo provides through its art, physical exercise and strong bodies and teaches discipline and character.

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NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_6

On holidays, kids play football and various indoor games. They love dancing, singing, drawing, and using computer.

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Organic Vegetable garden

We’ve planted vegetables in our new purchased land provided by our President, Bishow Bhatta.  Kids are involved in planting, weeding, watering, and harvesting.  Chemical fertilizers are not used to ensure healthy vegetables.With the garden, we have to purchase far less from the local market.

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With your contributions, these are the some recent things done for the children.

  1. We’ve changed the mattresses for all the children.

To prevent the bugs and disease we took off all the old mattress, bedcovers and blankets and placed the whole new bed set.

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_13

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_14

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NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_16


2.     New Dining and kitchen room is almost complete.

We are at the last phase of the construction. This project has been funded by Bishow Bhatta. Roofs are being placed, service counters installed, and wash basins provided. It will take a few more days to complete the project. In addition to the Unity Room, the dining room will also serve as a gathering and meeting area.

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_17

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_18


This is actually an additional kitchen to the one which already exists.


3.     Solar light system installed.

The problem of severe power cuts in Kathmandu continues, up to 12 hours a day or more in the winter months! So this year, we finally managed to purchase a large solar power system with battery backup to supply light to the public areas, including the new kitchen and dining room.

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_19

4.     Hiking adventure

Senior kids went on a school hiking trip. The juniors were not allowed due to the long and difficult walk. The younger ones stayed home to enjoy other activities.

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NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_24

with your help, the children are happy, healthy and safe!

NECO Foundation_Nepal _Kathmandu_Orphanage_Orphans_Children_Child_home_school_25

So from all of us here in Kathmandu, goodbye for now and thank you for making all this possible!



And thank you for all of you who contribute so significantly, many of whom are listed

on our website’s Donor Hall of Fame.

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