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4th December 2020.
Namaste from Kathmandu, Nepal!
Hope these monthly updates find you all staying healthy and happy!
Recently, as do other Nepalese, NECO celebrated the two greatest festivals named ‘Dashain’ and ‘Tihar’ with joy. As past years, because of COVID, there’s not so much festive but in NECO we do have. It’s all because of your blessing. Let's talk one by one.

Dashain Celebration (Greatest Festivals of Nepalese)
As to say, among the festivals we celebrated, Dashain is the greatest one for the Nepalese to celebrated with many joyful ways like wishing, blessing and sharing their best wishes and gifts with relatives esp. from seniors, eating varieties of food, playing cards, flying kites, etc. where we got warm clothes as festival gifts from US from our supporters. Thank you everyone who is always doing support and thanks to our president and his son for being facilitators. Here’s group glimpse of the time after we got our gifts.

To continue…as every year, we welcomed the festivals from ‘Ghatsthapana’. It’s the first day that the festival lasts for 15 days. The main day is called “Dashami” which is also called as “Vijaya Dashami '', the day when Goddess Durga got victory over the demons.

Below is the picture of the day of the Dashami that the senior children were decorating. Junior helped them by cutting and making paper flowers and ribbons.

Here we are putting Tika and Jamara giving blessings to the younger ones and receiving money as “Dakchina.”.





It’s the group picture after we finished putting Tika and Jamara.


Tihar Celebration, “the festival of the lights.”
Tihar is another beautiful and dazzling light festival, which is the second greatest festival after Dashain. The cities and the surroundings look very wonderful and fabulous with the presence of light and the environment looks great with the presence of varieties of flowers esp. Marigold, Chrysanthemum, Makhamali and so on.

The festival is celebrated for five days worshiping 4 different animals i.e. Kaag Tihar (Crow Tihar), Kukur Tihar (Dog Tihar), Gai Tihar (Cow Tihar)- the main day to worship the goddess of wealth, Laxmi, Goru Tihar (Ox Tihar) and the 5th day is celebrated as ‘Bhaitika’ which signifies and carries great importance for the love and concern between brothers and sisters. Here in the above picture, the girls making garland for decorating house and Sita as well as Rehsam going to worship their “Pinky”.

It’s the day of the Laxmi Puja, that the children decorated the house with garlands and lights. Also with the presence of our president made happier and joys for the children.
On the last day of the Bhai Tika, the girls putting the seven colors Tika on their brother’s forehead and putting garlands and praying for their longer life and progress.

Laptop Handover to the College Students
At last, we would like to thank Mr. Gerlad Babel Sutter. With his generous support and contribution, we’re able to handover laptops for College Students. We hope they will utilize it for their betterment of their life esp. for their studies and job. Also like to thanks for our great supporter Mr. Cyrus Parvini as well as to our President Mr. Bishow Bhatta and all the board members for facilitating and contributing all the stuff that is necessary for us.

Lastly, like to thank those who directly and indirectly support us and we wish to stay healthy and happy.

Appreciating and loving you all!
NECO Family..

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