September Update

10th October 2020
Namaste from Kathmandu Nepal!
Hope we all stay Healthy and Happy!

Updated Things in NECO
These last two months, we have had an incredible busy time. However, we completed a lot of repairing and construction works in NECO. We made a T.T table, basketball pole (not court), increased desks and benches and made fences around the compound and in the playing ground.

Also we managed the leakage ceiling roof by constructing new roof over the leakage ceiling, managed the overflowing water from gutter, and so more.

Beside these construction work, we have to spend our rearmost time with our auditor and we’re happy to finally be able to close off our previous financial year (which ended in mid -July but we could not get audited due to lockdown restrictions). We did most of the government work, but some of them are on the process due to online processes of lockdown restrictions. .

About the lockdown restrictions,
The Nepali Government made ease for the lockdown restrictions that made the public back in their daily lifestyle with increased safety protocols. As a result, Kathmandu being the main hotspots of the pandemic cases. Number of cases is increasing day by day even though there are safety protocols.

Still the schools are not scheduled to re- open. So our students were taking online classes and we are doing our best to ensure that all the children are doing their online course and staying updated with their studies. For it, we increased the capacity of the internet. Even though, seems the problem is not having my own laptop, not speedy internet and so on.

Also there’s 7 graduated students staying in NECO doing grade 12 and 11. After a few months, there's a plan to settle them outside the NECO Compound so that they will work hard to be independent. For it the most priority will be the laptop so it’s our humble request that we need more than 9 laptop for graduated students (there’s more than 2 students).
Festival Season
Next week, there’s two great festivals Dashain and Tihar wherein Dashain we put Tika in our forehead from our senior hand to get blessed and in Tihar, put Tika from brother and sister. So the month is going to be more festive. Children are excited and happy, counting the days to celebrate. This time we used to give one month more salary to all the staff as a gift for the celebration from NECO.
As well as it, the rainy season almost stops where we are going to face a good winter season. And like to let you know it’s too cold for our residents in comparison to Kathmandu valley. So there's a need for more winter clothes. Last time clothes were small for most of the children because all of them grew up so quickly. Looking smart and beautiful.

At last, thanks to respected people like Cyrus, Gerald and other board members for their full support and love.
And like to let you all know that even in these pandemic situations, still we all members staying healthy and happy and we wish and pray to all to stay healthy and happy.
Stay Safe and Healthy!
Appreciating and love you all!
NECO Family

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