November 2018 Updates

Dr.  Yazdani's and Mr. Bhatta's Visit

On the 27th of November at around 11pm Dr. Yazdani arrived at NECO. Although it was dark and chilling cold, he circled around the NECO premise and the dorms. The next day children welcomed him with happy faces. On the third day of his arrival, Dr. Yazdani sponsored a party. We set up a camp fire and the children enjoyed the night dancing, singing and sharing stories. They also had a barbeque that day. The children enjoyed the night very much.  Dr. Yazdani also sponsored for a field trip to Mankamana, one of the holiest place in Nepal. As children hadn't gone outing for a while, they enjoyed this trip very much. Similarly, Mr. Cyrus Parvini and Dr. Yazdani donated caps, trousers and other various garments to the children. The children were very happy to receive all those gifts from them. 

Mr. Bishow Bhatta and Dr. Yazdani met some officials at  "The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training" (CTEVT) to discuss about the various vocational training programs and how it could benefit NECO's children. NECO is planning to enroll children, who have completed grade 10 and those whoe are interested , in  the vocational training.

Kriti's Birthday


We are very grateful to Mr. Baikuntha Khanal and Uttam Karki for their generous donation. We have decided to put the amount in children's welfare fund. It is considerably great amount of money which will change the lives of these children. They can complete their education and look forward for a better future. It is the support of people like you that keeps this foundation running.

 Mr Gerald, who visited us on August, 2018 and who threw a birthday party during his stay at NECO, sent some birthday gifts. We are very grateful to him and the children are very happy to receive them.

Birthday Celebration    

This last two month we had the fortune of celebrating 7 wonderful birthdays here at NECO- Aayush, Bina, Nirmala, Durga, Surakshya, Sushma and Aashish. Much delicious cake was enjoyed, well wishes exchanged, and of course lots of singing! Wishing a very Happy Birthday to you all.  We are blessed to have each and every one of you here, in our home!

Kriti's Birthday

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