September 2018, Updates


Namaste and a very warm welcome to all of you to our monthly updates!

This month was full of excitement. We had a great opportunity to welcome our supporter as well as our contributor, Gerald and his lovely daughter.

Welcoming Moment


Four of the kids went to the airport to welcome Gerald and his daughter. It was their first time welcoming guest at the airport. They welcomed them with Khata(a kind of Shawl) and a bouquet of flower. On their arrival at NECO, all the kids waiting for them welcomed them with flowers, Shawl and welcome banner.

Introducing Moment

Extra Activities

Dhiki(traditional wheat crusher) made by Suman.

Vegetable planted by Suman.

Painting Wall.

Being ready for Teej Program at School.


The kids were so happy to get all the stuffs like jackets, story books, chocolates, football and other playing kits.  Thank you so much for all these things.

Gerald and his family sponsored for a movie. Kids were very excited and happy to go the theater because it was their first experience. They also sponsored birthday party for a year. Similarly, they donated an extra amount of money so it could be spent on children’s necessities. We bought flip flops and bought other   necessary accessories for the kids.

Distributing bracelets.

At a shopping center on  the way to theater.

During their stay, we learnt many things about their country, their culture and traditions and their cuisine. We are very thankful to them for pouring with us knowledge. The children performed dance, sang songs while interacting with them. They also prepared dumplings.

Mo mo in making.

Mo Mo party.

It was quite sad to wave them good bye after their stay at NECO for five days. But we're happy to know that entire family of Caro is coming to spend time in NECO. It'll be a great opportunity for our kids.

Thank you, Gerald and Caro for visiting us and leaving us with beautiful memories. We are so grateful for you continued support and contribution. To top of that we are extremely thankful to Gerald and his family for sponsoring birthday celebration for the entire year, donating lots of warm jackets, books as well as sports equipment and jewelries.


Teej Program

It is a three-day festival celebrated by Nepalese women all over the world. Women put on red costumes, sing and dance on folk songs.  The first day is celebrated by having a huge feast during the midnight. On the second day, women fast for the whole day. Similarly, on the third day, they worship Lord Shiva. It is believed that married women celebrate this festival to pray for the long life of their husband and unmarried women and girls celebrate to pray to get good husband.

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Selected text and photos by Samjhana Gurung.
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