Dear friends and supporters of NECO Foundation!

Another month has passed by and as always we now would like to brief you on our monthly activities through this newsletter.


Bibek and Ratan

We are very happy to inform you that two of our children, named Ratan and Bibek (Kalpan caregiver's  son)  received the position of the head boy and of the house captain respectively for the entire year. They will lead for about one year in their school.

We are also grateful to let you all know that our kids achieved the highest positions in drawing competition as well as handwriting competitions.

Bina and Dikchya

Ram Prasad, Dikchya and Suma


In our past newsletters, we told that we had our wonderful volunteer Gillian Roncarelli. We are greatful to have her here with us and she had succeessfully completed her three months volunteer service in NECO.  She was very satisfied with her stay here in NECO and wanted to still support NECO, now that she had already been back to England.

During her stay, she did an outstanding job as she raised funds for the kids for purchasing dance shoes, materials like paint, bed sheets, football shoes, mirrors, waterproof mattress covers as well as for water-park. Also she brought her extraordinary friends from different countries so that our kids were able to benefit from their presence. Thank you so much for the efforts you did for these distinguished and enthusiastic children who benefited greatly from your services. 

In addition, she successfully taught dance classes for the kids. Hope they will follow her teaching style and dance in the future.  She perfectly completed the painting project, that now is showcased at the NECO 's compound esp. the walls seems so beautiful.  You cannot help but feel refreshed after seeing those arts.


She also announced and distributed the kids with her medals in different tiles in the dance. She's so motivating role model for the kids.  Above picture is the five kids that had been praised by her.

We are also grateful to the contributors and the supporters who helped complete the interest and jobs of the Gillian. 

Also like to say that we have had so many volunteers from all over the world.  We are always very happy to welcome a new volunteer to the NECO family, because every single person brings in new ideas, perceptions and attitudes. As a result of the cultural and personal exchanges, that naturally takes place, the quality of life for the kids is improving.


Due to heavy rain, the wall has fallen down.

Senior Boys helping in the construction works.


Polishing shoe

Helping to make tie

Looking up in mirror before going to school

In front of Gill's art


Always ready for photo shoot 

Stitching clothes 

Project Work

Smile like no one is watching

Elder sister helps to style hair

Promise to never break friendship

NECO football team

Last but not least we wish to inform you that please don’t hesitate to take a look at our website and maybe you too will want to support this children's education, food and shelter and to join our family to take care of a very special group of children under our care. For further information we are also always happy to help you out.

Once again we thank those of you who have been supporting us over the past years. Without your help NECO wouldn’t be what it already is, a steadily growing NECO.

The greetings to all of you from Nepal

Samjhana Gurung

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Selected text and photos by Samjhana Gurung.

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