April 2018 Newsletter

Hello Everyone! It's already being the first week of May, unbelievable that the months are flying and it's time to update our monthly activities.

This month, the children have been busy with their studies and with a physical theatre instructor Ms. Gillian Roncarelli.  I am proud to have the kids school marks because all of their marks had been going up.  Now they were excited and happy to upgrade one more grade than before with new books and copies.

Towards the middle of April, we celebrated Nepali New Year. On that day children celebrated by exchanging their wishes with each other and performing their talents.  All the kids participated actively. Happy to see their abilities and confidence

Also I would like to say a huge thank you to Gillian Roncarelli who donated ballet shoes for the kids as well as facilitating a resource person like Amy Lovelock, Dancer, Artist, Performer as well as Choreographer for dance,  managing money for  swimming as well as buying colors and doing herself  participating with the kids . The children had so much fun spending time with them.

Also, we had a swimming day, an amazing day filled with lots of laughter, fun games and food. Thank you so much Gill for a great day. Although the weather here has gotten rainy, so that we had to postpone our swimming day for one day, we enjoyed a lot.  Also this month, we had a visit from Moritz Vieten and Kathleen Edna Crawford from England.

After finishing their exam kids had more than two weeks of holidays. So they had a lots of time to spend with Gill and Amy to  paint as well to learn new dances. Also they went shopping too. Below are the pictures of the boys and girls groups in shopping mall and in Basantapur respectively, one of the historical places we visited. It’s on the way to the shopping center.

Shopping at Civil Mall

Basantpur, a historic place

We are pleased to announce that we have a Facebook page NECO Foundation and also an Instagram account. So please have a look and start following us to see what NECO is doing.

Some Pictures of The Month

Picture taken after changing the national flag

Picture taken after while children welcomed Amy

Showing old shoe for asking new one.

Bibas showing his football skills

Thank you for your continued support to NECO Foundation and I look forward to telling you more in the next newsletter.

Thank you!

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Selected text and photos by Samjhana Gurung.
Edited by Umit Silwal

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