Chitwan Construction Update

Namaste and Welcome to our Chitwan Construction Updates from Chitwan, Nepal !

As to update almost the building(Kitchen block and Office Block) going to finish except the main building (Residential Block).

This time I want to update from the backyard of the building with the chickens, ducks and rabbit. We had more than 3-4 numbers of chicken and ducks that she- chicken and ducks use to lay eggs one in a day 🥰😊 . Also we had rabbits and four dogs that the children went to love them and be happy while they're here.

Ratan Feeding Puppies before bed time and the next places are for the chicken, ducks and rabbit. The place is almost filled with grass. And the fruit plant is growing but some of them died due to dry weather and having a new place, being difficult to adjust.

The underground portion is for sanitary purposes. One side for girls and other for boys. The upper portion of the building is for boys' rooms ( future is staff rooms).

And the porch is in between the Kitchen Block and Boys Building block. The surrounding is covered by grass day by day. The grass seeds's brought by Bishow all the way from the US.

1st Picture taken from the office block(currently girls block). Ratan spraying water over the ground for grass.
2nd Picture: Girls Block - Back view from the Kitchen Block.
Roughly it's a Girls room. This time ,the staff are staying here. and the another girls room is still in the progress.
Playing materials is in the middle of the garden; between kitchen and office block.
And the next picture is of Girls' Block - Front view.
Security Guard House with a sitting place.
Water boring and Drilling. After we made more than 40-45 meter we'll find a water source. We're sure we shouldn't buy drinking water for more than 30 years unless there's any natural calamities. There'll be plenty of water for all the purposes for cleaning. It almost cost $3000. It's a one time investment.
Bricks unloading in the middle of the night. and Ratan digging space for fixing the playground. He's now going to join BSC in CSIT. In free time he's volunteering in the construction.
At Last, I want to thank you all for the kind support. I'll keep updating from the field.
With Greetings,

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