We NECO FAMILY were very much excited to visit on of the renowned tourist destination; Rara lake from the very beginning i.e. around 9 months ago. It was one of the excitable plan that was made at that period of time.
With excitement, we started our journey from home through packaged bus and reached the destination on 4 days. During this period of time, we just enjoyed viewing out scenery.

On 3rd day we were at the base of the Rara trip and we started hiking from there in a light rain and silent, moving fast breeze in a group of around 55. The hike was so exhausted however we lost so due to excitement to reach to destination.
Hearing sounds of chirping birds, cold and smooth moving wind, fair and beautiful, fantastic scenery, we were on hike for around 9 hours. The only bad aspects during hike is unfavorable weather for us. However, it becomes our lifetime memory and unforgettable experiences. At late evening, we had to do a kind of jungle safari because in order to reach out the destination, it must be done by foot not by vehicles or elephants or horses. The safari was in fear because we had to cross through the dense forest. Luckily we reached out there without any problems and bad situations. The home stay services and accommodations is well established and fruitful at the base camp.
Finally after a long walk we had reached Rara Lake and was welcomed by army officials who were protecting the whole Rara national Park. The sky over Rara was quite covered with the cloud that the scenery remains a bit covered. However, sadness faded away due to successful arrival at our dream place. Everyone who were there displays a happiness and satisfactory in their face. We had some excitement activities like boating, horse riding etc. While returning it was quite a fast and continuous travel from there. In between we visited renewed Lake of Surkhet called "BULBULE" lake. The beauty of nature and its garden, parks, conservation of trees etc. is amazing.
Lessons that we learned
RARA Lake is situated at the heart of remote place. So on the way to RARA there is still no well facilities of transport, electricity and communication. But if someone wants to learn the lifestyle of people living at such place from very times, it reflects that properties. The hard work done by the remote people can be seen there with our naked eyes.
Expressing Thankful
At last, we want to say that our dream comes true. We learned a lot from this grand opportunities. So we want to express hearty thankful to our supporters, volunteers and management team and hoped for this helpful hands forever, because as a fish cannot sustain without water, likewise we cannot move a single step forward without your helpful hands. Thank you for this awesome, memorable and unforgettable trip!!!
Keep Smiling..

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Selected text and photos by Ratan Gurung.
Edited by Samjhana Gurung.

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