2020 NECO Annual Summary

Happy Holidays
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Feed the hungry.
Provide shelter for homeless.
Make the cold winter warmer with warm clothes.
Let the spirit of love gently fill our
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In this loveliest of seasons may you
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Best wishes for Happy Holidays
and a magnificent New Year.

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Respected Supporters, Contributors, Volunteers, Friends and all our well Wishers,

The year 2020 was truly a challenging year for all of us . But each and every challenge we accept is an opportunity for us. Also its my pleasure to present NECO’s annual summary 2020 with its activities and progress.

As every year, we do care for the family environment that we were able to provide nutritious food, warm and loving shelter, practical education, counseling, spiritual instruction and so much more. As we have difficulties, repairs and upgrades were done in the facilities. Some children were added to our home as necessities and some left the home and re- settled and reunified with relatives where they were now able to properly care for them. This is all because of the kind-hearted people from all over the world. So, I don’t want to forget to say thank you to all of you, especially the monthly consistent donors; such donors give us stability so we can do our best to guarantee a bright future for the children and achieve our mission.

Also I would like to sincere thanks  to our president Mr. Bishow Bhatta who always supports the children, as well as Mr. Cyrus Parvini, Mr. Gerald Babel Sutter and his family, and our NECO Foundation Board’s Officers and Advisors Mr. Faramarz Mark Yazdani, Mrs. Karen Herman, Mrs. Homa Yazdani,and Mr. Anthony A. Lee. , Mr. Sholah Amanat and other contributors named  Ms. Azita Shakib and many more kind hearted people and many charitable organizations.

Also I would like to  thank all the staff members who are always dedicated to the children's welfare and wish for their support and guidance in the future too.

Thanks all. Stay Safe and Healhty. --------- Samjhana Gurung

COVID -19 Hunger Relief

In Response to the Pandemic Corona virus 2020 Crisis, with the generous support of Mr. Cyrus Parvini and Mr. Gerald Babel Sutter, NECO Foundation organized “Hunger Relief Distribution Packages for needy families (COVID -19)”. We distributed more than 715 household families.
This address to the most Vulnerable Destitute Pregnant, Handicapped, Senior Citizen, Students , Rented Poor Daily Basis Labor Peoples.
The Hunger Relief Packages includes, Rice, Oil, Pulses, Beans, Salt and One Dry Food named Maseur.
Also with the co-ordination with Sushil Foundation and Hamro Nepal, NECO Foundation distributed food for more than 250 hunger people.

Volunteer of the year..

This year we have to cancel all the volunteers. We have to be sorry about it
But before the pandemic we have two volunteers named Lorie and her friend Sarina. They’re here for short period with many delicious food and beautiful cloths.


This year unfortunately we got an opportunity to visit Kalnichock. It’s the time before the infection of the COVID -19.

It’s the first time for the children to see in the snow. The mountains were really panoramic and the places from the top of the hill seemed stunning. Really we enjoyed a lot.

Festival Celebration ….

To undersrtand the rites and rituals and culture NECO Family used to celebrate every festival. Here’s the picture at the time of the great festival Dashain and Thihar.

Gifts of the year…

Here’s the Festival Gift from the US. Thank you Mr. Peter Bhatta and Bishow Bhatta for facilitating the gifts.

And this is the Birthday and Christmas gift from the Babel -Sutter family from Austria. Thank you all..

Birthday Celebration…

As every year, on the contribution of Mr. Gerald Babel-Sutter and his family we are celebrating the birthdays of each child.

Electronic Devices Receive for their studies..

Thank you so much to Mr. Gerlad – Babel – Sutter, our president Mr. Bishow Bhatta and Mr. Cyrus Parvini for their generosity and facilitating the graduated students with laptops and smart phones.
Truly you all are doing a lot for them and really it will help them in their studies. Besides their studies, I hope they’ll fully utilize the device in their daily activities.

Construction Update:

  • We did a lot of repairing and construction works in NECO.
  • We made a T.T table, basketball pole (not court), increased desks and benches and made fences around the compound and in the playing ground.
  • Also we managed the leakage ceiling roof by constructing new roof over the leakage ceiling, managed the overflowing water from gutter, and so more.
  • Thank You Mr. Cyrus Parvini and our president.

Credit / Debit / Pay Pal donations
can now easily and securely be made:
Mail check or international money order to:

Telephone: +1-650-417-5977
Website   Email
(all checks made out to “NECO Foundation” will be earmarked for NECO Home in Kathmandu)

$200 to provide full sponsorship for one child per month
$50 to provide for one month English-medium education
$60 to provide food for one month
$30 to buy one pair of shoes or school uniform
$10 for school supplies

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Copyright © 2020, Nepal Children Orphan Home
Selected text and photos by Samjhana Gurung.
Edited by Samjhana Gurung.

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