October 2019

Most of us know, October is the month of full festivals. More than half days of the month gone by traditional celebrations. Busiest day to NECO for shopping and managing the festivals with children. Dashain, the festival of receiving Tika and blessing from the elder people and Tihar is the festival of brothers and sisters.

On special day of Dashain, families used to gather, take Tika from the elder on the foreheads by kneeling or sitting by cross legged in waiting, (The Tika, made of red color and rice, mixing with curd ) putting Jamara behind the ear or tucked into the hair. It’s all to offer blessings.
After finishing the rituals of putting Tika and blessing, started to have delicious food items.

fig:Cute three with red Tika in their forehead.

fig:After having Tika in Dashain Festival

Then Tihar, “festival of lights”, the best festival for
the children. Beautifully, houses are decorated
with lights and flowers also with traditional
Nepali lamp made of clay filling with oil and
twisting cottons by dipping in the bowl to light.
The picture is taken of Rangoli made by the senior
girls of colors and flowers.

This the movement after sisters applying Tika to
the foreheads of their brothers to ensure their long
life and for healthy life, with garland in their
necks and exchanging the sweats, fruits and gifts.

fig:After finishing all the rituals activities.

The movemnts were full of happinees and lovely
to see children’s face with love, dedictaion, care
and simle to their NECO Family. It shows how
blessed NECO is to have such a great family. It’s
all about by the supports, love and care from all
over the world for them. Heartly thanks to all !!

Keep loving and supporting to NECO !!!!

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Selected text and photos by Samjhana Gurung.
Edited by Samjhana Gurung

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