Newsletter August 2017


Children and activities

The month passed full of rain, excitement, achievement and festivals. We had a wonderful volunteer Nikki, Two junior girls Babita and Chhoki got the second position in Inter-School Teej Dance competition, celebrated Teej with music, Dance and delicious foods and so on.

Winning Moment

Chhoki (second from left, lower row)and Babita( second from the left, upper row) with their Dance Group after winning the second positiontrophy.


Dental Health Checkup

Taekwondo cares Nepal organized a Dental Health Camp for orphan children on August 11th. All of our children got their dental check up there. Some of them got their damaged (by cavity)tooth taken care of and some of them are recommended to visit the Dental hospital for further tests and treatment. The dentists also taught healthy habits concerned with dental health and distributed toothpaste and tooth brush to all children as well.


We celebrated Teej for 3 days from 24th to 26th August. Female staffs kept fasting and worshipped whereas children ate special foods, got well dressed with makeup and girls organized program with music and dance.


Nikki Parikh

(Volunteered between 4th - 9th August 2017)

Nikki is a high school junior and a Girl Scout Ambassador. she is from the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

Nikki had chosen NECO Home for Volunteering. She came here with a purpose to teach our children multiple beneficial activities and knowledge. The classes with children went wonderful. Our children got chance to know about lots of things from her. She conducted various classes of Yoga, Stress relief activities, Art and Crafts and Games.

Nikki was at NECO with her parents, Mr. Rajesh and Mrs. Ami. They also contributed their time and taught our children along with Nikki. Our children also taught games and Nepali dance forms to Nikki, share their experiences and spent much time with her.

 The environment of NECO was more happy and positive during their stay. We waved goodbye to them on 9th August. We really appreciate the kindness and love that Nikki and her parents showed to us. Such an inspiring human beings we had as volunteers.

Nikki and her mom also attended the fundraiser on August 13th in the Bay Area.  Nikki gave a wonderful speech to the audience present at the fundraiser and described her experience at NECO.  Her participation at the fundraiser helped the NECO board present the current picture of what is happening at NECO.  Special thank you to Nikki and her mom!

Some Glimpse of this Month


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