Progress Report

Here are the list of things that got done or are on the process of progress which took place during the stay of Founder Mr. Bishow Bhatta.

1. Volunteers

We got visited by 15 volunteers in last two months; May and June 2017. 10 of them were here for teaching yoga, four taught dance and one took classes of vocal and healthcare education. All of them showed much love and concern towards the children and brought positive changes among children and their behavior. Our children always want to learn something of their interest or something new. Taking selected volunteers can really help us improve the skills of our children and train them in professional way.

2. Sports Hall and Sport Materials

As we have small ground inside our compound and children need a safe and comfortable place to play or practice anything specially during fall. We have put Taekwondo mats for covering the complete floor of the hall and is safe to play over. Children won' t hurt themselves neither feel cold.

We do not only focus on three times meal and good shelter. We are in a journey to change a life and make our children a healthy, skillful and disciplined youths.

We have slide and monkey bar for children to play and this time We have brought some sport materials for children. Skateboards, Tennis rackets, Dummy and boxing gloves were loved by children.

3. Securing Compound

Secured compound is very essential for everyone to feel safe and have a sound sleep. Especially for those who already have faced something that has terrified them and have cause a big loss. Many of our Children are the victims of Civil war and have faced furious incidents. We shouldn't let anything happen that can re-memorize the past events. We have created a peaceful environment inside and always prevent them from fear and disturbing situations.

Another reason for compound security is that NECO Home lies nearby a Jungle and that is a part of Shivapuri-Nagarjun National Park as well. We need to be safe from animals as well.

There were few open entrance which got closed by brick walls this month.

3. Junior Youth Class

For the development of kids’ spiritual, moral and ethical decision making skills; we decided to connect with Bahá’í center, Kathmandu and decided to take Junior Youth Class including all the staffs in every Saturday. Mr. Narayan as an animator from Baha'i Centre, will visit NECO Home in every Saturdays and all we have to do is to pay bus fare for him.

5. Water pipeline

Shortage of water is a big problem at NECO Home. We collect rainwater, bought water tankers yet that's insufficient. This time we discover small source of water. Above NECO Home, there is a big tank for water reservation and distribution of local water supply. Some amount of water gets wasted after the water reservoir gets filled and we wanted to collect that overflow of water.  We have set up a new pipeline from that tanker to NECO compound as required. But it is temporarily set up, we may have to make a permanent way to collect over flown water.

6. Achievement and events of Taekwondo

Our children are playing Taekwondo since a couple of years. We can see wonderful players with black belt now. This time we got two good news from Taekwondo team. Five children succeeded to have black belt this time and we help small formal program to congratulate them and thank everyone who played vital role for this achievement.

NECO Taekwondo team participated in Championship for the first time and won five medals altogether. Two players got second position and three got third position. NECO Kids came home with wonderful result along with the title "Most Disciplined Team."

7. Garden

The Garden was in poor condition before. We were unable to plant grass, flowers and baby trees since the garden was destroyed at the time of Earthquake.

This month we have made the garden look beautiful again by planting flowers, baby trees of fruits and ground covering grass. NECO Home is looking green and beautiful.


8. Security House

A small place for security station is being built inside the NECO Home compound. We have used the small areas downstairs and built a room by covering with brick walls. We need to give complete form of a room and for that we need to place a door and glass frames, concrete the floor and plaster the walls.


Days are getting hotter in Kathmandu these days. Considering this, Walls fans have been fitted in children's room this summer. They will no longer feel hot while being inside room and can have sound sleep in these hot days.

10. Project of Sewing Machine and Tailoring Training

This is the project of Mr. Cyrus Parvine and Mr. Bishow Bhatta.

We have discovered a new way to develop skill in our children which willbe useful for them in future. Half number of our total children are in their teenage. They are soon transforming into youths and we want them to be youths with knowledge and skills. Tailoring can be an interesting work to learn, specially for girls. It will an option for them in future to start their own business in low investment or work in any tailoring in professional way.

We are soon bringing a couple of sewing machine and make a new setup in a shutter room which is vacant and located in NECO building facing the road sideways. A tailor master will run that tailoring in her professional way targeting the locals and give training to our children and caregivers in their leisure time.

11. Documentary

Mr. Joni Anwar, famous Thai Singer, also a good friend of Mr. Bhatta; wants to support by raising some money for the well being of the kids

It’s the first phase. If his proposal succeeds; their will be the Live Thai T.V. show with our kids. It’ll be around NECO and around the Everest Base Camp about the life history of kids or NECO or any things.

Here’s the  short documentary video.

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