January Updates

Namaste from Nepal!

Although we’ve had another non-damaging earthquake last week, the situation is still unnerving. Recent festivals are over, the English new year has passed, and with it we hope the blockade, which has severely crippled the economy and distressed millions, is approaching its end, although long queues remain to obtain essential commodities, like cooking gas, which sell at inflated prices.

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During this very difficult time, we want to thank all of you who have provided special contributions for helping our children and repair our damaged facilities after the two devastating earthquakes, and with funding, increase our ability to help more children. Our website is slowly being update so pictures will be available there.  So much has been accomplished, but as you know, charities need continuous help to not only maintain what we have, but to constantly improve our facilities, programs, nourishment, and caregiving quality.




In part, to ease the transportation problem, Karen Herrman and Bishow Bhatta provided special funds to purchase two high quality 21-gear bicycles with disc brakes for use by staff and older children on the hills between our campus and the city. Four other older bicycles were repaired to be used by the kids.



This month, after a long delay, we have resumed birthday parties for each of our children. This has been made possible by funding by Karen Herrmann and Dave & Sharon Lund. Cake, music and  dance were featured.


Birthday party for Bibash and Melina



A new partnership is forming between our orphanage and the Nepal Skin Hospital and Research Centre and Glenmark Pharmaceuticals to provide free medical care and medicines to our children.

In late December, along with the help of some wonderful volunteers, NECO Home had a health checkup program for skin and general health problems of all children and staff of the orphanage. The team from the Skin Hospital held free checkup of children, especially for skin problems. And a team of pharmacists from Glenmark Pharmaceuticals provided free medicines prescribed by the doctors.


From Hospital: Dr. Binaya Shrestha, Dr. Sagar Mani Jha, and Dr. Prerana Jha.

From Pharmacy: Kishor Duwadi, Deepak Dangol, Maheswor Man Sigh, and Rohit Prasai.




We always seek helping hands and teachers for our children in the form of volunteers. A person with specific knowledge and skill is always a wonderful gift for us.   This winter we hosted volunteer, Mr. Roger St. Pierre. He spent some days with our children, gave much love, and gifted for Christmas a warm jacket (hoodie) to each and every one of our 33 children.





New partners with NECO Home is Austria-based Biogena, which feature high quality food supplementation.  Recently hand-delivered to us were multiple/mineral vitamins for the children. Mr. Gerald Babel-Sutter arranged this for our orphanage and we were honored with a recent visit by company representative Dr. Ina Viebahn who also gave us a €250 donation. Incredible thanks for your participation!



The new NECO Foundation Board of Directors started just this last August. So we wish to thank all of them for their self-less contribution: Framarz Yazdani, Karen Herrmann, Robyn Javidan, Bahram Nadimi, Sharon Lund, Toni Lee, Safdar Ighanian, Dave Lund, Cyrus Parvini, Gerald Babel-Sutter, and Bishow Bhatta . Much has been done in only six short months: duties and committees formed,  fund raising events sponsored, debt paid, finances more controlled, transparency improved, goods provided, website improved, donors increased, and corporate sponsorship been attained. Thank you so very much.



The recovery and rebuilding after the two earthquakes was a monumental task. Yet, we’ve recovered almost miraculously… because of the prayers, work, and financial contributions made by all of you. The children have a lovely green campus with trees, shrubbery and flowers. The new Ward Hostel is improving. We have excellent new bedding.  The children received abundant new clothes. They have all new school uniforms. They have their books. They have television, table tennis, and bicycles. On weekends, they have classes being taught by two of our graduates that teach morality and character building. They engage in physical exercise in Tae Kwon Do, soccer, and calisthenics. They have health and dental care in which we now have free hospital sponsorship. They are well fed (although we still want to improve this). They now have new vitamin/mineral food supplements. And they have a staff who can listen to their issues. And soon we’ll be having more kids graduating from the orphanage making room for new, younger children left homeless and destitute by the earthquakes. To continue, we’ll always need your help. The kids need your help, day by day, month by month. Please join in this campaign to help others. We know the sacrifice is sometimes difficult… but the reward is beyond measure.


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