Remarks by Cyrus Parvini, on Fundraiser.

Remarks by Cyrus Parvini, the President of Children Education Foundation:

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Cyrus with his wife, Simin, and participants

Thank you for your kind introduction.  I would like to thank Bishow, the organizing committee, beautiful program and talented performers and of course NECO Board for such a wonderful event.

I know Bishow for the past 5 years since we established our Children Education Foundation. Our Foundation has been supporting NECO for 5 years now and Nepalgunj Orphanage for past few years. I am amazed of Bishow’s leadership and dedication and love for these orphan children and I thank him and his family for their sacrifices and what they have done for these children in the past 10 years.

Three years ago I went to Kathmandu with Bishow and spent a few weeks with the children, helped them to improve their lives.  They are nice, beautiful, smart, and obedient children. They have learned Nepalese and English languages. Some of them didn’t know even how to speak Nepalese language, coming from different villages.

Donation from a small group of supporters like you have significantly improved the lives of these children by meeting their basic needs such as food, clothing, medical care, dental care and better education within the past few years. Their children’s study classes have been supported by volunteers from the neighboring Baha’i communities. Some are getting good grades in school, some still suffering from the loss of their parents, some have graduated from Hi school and moved out and some still need 10 to 15 more years of your support to graduate.

When they are in pain or sickness or have problems at school or missing their parents, there is no one to hug them or love them. This is the biggest thing they miss, when they are an orphan.

These children and thousands of others in Nepal became orphans because of poverty, a civil war over 15 years ago and of course the recent earthquake.

What we all can do at this time is to provide them with continuous monthly financial support, the cost of support of each child in Nepal is about $145 per month. But without our help they cannot survive. We have capacity to increase 10 to 20 more orphans if we get continuous support.

There is fund box that you can contribute today but please go to their website and help these children on a monthly basis, it is the best feeling anybody can have when helping an orphan child.

Thank you for your love and support.

Cyrus Parvini

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