Bishow Received by Nepal’s President


Bishow Bhatta, Neco Home’s President, is seen here representing NECO Foundation as wells as NANC, the Sunny Sagarmatha Society, the Tamang Society, and the Gurung Society of Northern California providing donation to Nepal.


Relief Distribution

After the arrival of our President Mr. Bishow Bhatta, several works has been done in our Nepal earthquake relief distribution program.

Funds received for this were special and separate from contributions received for the needs of the children at NECO Home but our older children helped in the program.


Relief Distribution in Gorkha

We tried to help the victims of the earthquake in various places of Gorkha district, where the earthquake did much damage. NECO Foundation and Neco Home held relief distribution program and health camp for three days (6th to 9th May 2015). Our president Mr. Bishow Bhatta did the captainship and formed the group of volunteers. There were 32 volunteers along with eight doctors, three nurses, two public health workers and two pharmacists. The senior kids of NECO Home also got involved in such a great social work.

We had terrible view of the villages destroyed by the earthquake and the faces that had lost their home along with their loved one. But there seem hope in the people to get rescued by scarcity and serious health problems. We distributed tents, foods, spare clothes, sanitary materials and medicines there. More than 550 villagers got their health checked up in the health camp set by us and most of the medicine we took there was really useful for them.

We hope that our work could help the victims in such a critical time that they are going through.


Relief distribution in Goldhunga, Kathmandu

We believe in love and help. That’s what our mission, to give help and support to the needy people. As to continue the previous deeds, we helped the people of Goldhunga yesterday. On the behalf of NECO Foundation, Our president Mr. Bishow Bhatta distributed foods for 300 families which are sufficient for 10 days. The food package consisted rice, lentils, sugar and other dry foods. We also distributed 15 big tents to the needy family who were sleeping in open sky. NECO Home also lies in Goldhunga which is 3km from the city center. But the place and the victims of earthquake are unseen by the government or other organization in the matter of relief distribution. We tried our best to provide food to the very poor and helpless families as much as we could. People were very thankful towards NECO.


Cash distributed to the injured people in Hospital

NECO foundation, NECO Home and Ethics and virtues institute of Nepal (Evins Nepal) helped some victims of earthquake in T.U Teaching Hospital Maharajgunj on 17th may 2015. Evins Nepal team along with Our President Mr. Bishow Bhatta who himself is injured and admitted there, handed over cash to the amputees and other injured people and their relatives as relief and showed sympathy as well. These people who have nothing left to restart their life, felt very thankful towards us.

After Nepal’s second major earthquake, Bishow was severely injured by a fall.


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